Swot Analysis Of Apple

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Apple is an American brand that is based in Cupertino, California founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. This multinational technology organization creates, develops, designs, and sells to consumers many technologies such as phones, computers, earphones, also provides online services such as Apple Music, iOS Apple Store, iCloud and many other technologies. The scope of Apple is international, the brand is operating in 22 different countries around the world as of 2017 and operates in about 498 different stores. The company’s industry can be verbalized to work on a oligopolistic market structure. This attestation depends on the way that the business market represents distinctive traits as those of an oligopolistic. Moreover, the market structure of the organization is an oligopolistic because this industry is portrayed by a few firms, for example Samsung or Nokia. Apple’s biggest competitor is Samsung. Samsung is an organization similar to Apple that sells, creates and develops technologies such as Phones, iPads, Computers, TVs and many others. It has been many years that Apple and Samsung are major competitors. Apple has been claiming that Samsung copied their idea of the iPads and tablets; however Samsung is claiming that the idea of the iPhone from Apple was stolen from Samsung. Both of these companies are fighting against each other to determine which brand is better. Apple used to be the best seller but unfortunately, during this time, Samsung is

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