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Company Profile Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc., produces superpremium ice cream, frozen yogurt, and ice cream novelties in rich and original flavors, loaded with big chunks of cookies and candy. The company uses natural ingredients almost exclusively and insists its dairy suppliers not use bovine growth hormone on their herds. Ben & Jerry's is distinguished by a corporate philosophy that stresses social action and progressive ideals in addition to profit-making. Its innovative and creative marketing devices have further expressed this progressive spirit. When confronted with a declining market for superpremium ice cream, the company's founders turned increasingly to professional managers and finally sold out to Unilever, which promised to maintain…show more content…
The criteria for selecting wholesalers included adequate access to retail outlets and operate socially conscious business. Franchising Density of Intermediary Ben & Jerry’s distribution channel are quite dense since there are various suppliers and retailers. For suppliers, there are Greystone Brownies(Non-profit foundation in New York), La Trinidade Cooperative(Fair trade coffee traders, Mexico), Cia Agricola(Vanilla bean extract, Costa Rica) and Sensient Flavor Inc.(Organic banana puree, Ecuador). For manufacturer, Ben & Jerry’s has 2 factories in USA which are exporting globally. For distributor, There is UK distributors contracted by Unilever for UK market. For retailers, there are Ben & Jerry owned stores, 7-Eleven, Tesco, Hoyts, Coles and Sainsbury’s. Member Selection Ben & Jerry’s only works with Fair trade companies, green companies, and companies that promise to treat their cows humanely. For its retailers, Ben & Jerry’s looks for companies that are socially conscious, and active in the community, operating an ethical and responsible business. Moreover, have a competitive drive and are committed to succeed with realistic expectations and demonstrate honesty, integrity and humility

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