Swot Analysis Of Market Leadership : Onshore Nordex Essay

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Strengths: Market Leadership: Onshore Nordex continued to maintain its position amongst the top three original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in EMEA and other focus markets. According to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), the company in some of the focus markets particularly including Ireland, the company had market share of 47%, followed by Finland (40%) and Turkey (20%). In South Africa, Nordex was one of the top four OEMs, with a market share of 20%. In Uruguay the company had a market share of 14% and market leader in Pakistan with a market share of 66%. In Germany, the company 's market share stood at 9%, France, Sweden and the UK with 10%. Such market leadership enables the company become preferred solution provider for new and existing customers. Strong Order Intake The company continued to report increase in its order intake in FY2015. During the year, the company 's turbine order intake amounted to EUR2,470.9 million, reflecting an increase of 40.9% over EUR1,753.9 million in FY2014. EMEA accounted for 91% of the company 's total intake, followed by Americas with 9%. The N117/2400 was the top selling products for low-wind areas with a share of 45% of total turbines sold. With sales of 186 units (2014: 164 units), the efficient IEC3 turbine was particularly successful in Germany but was also sold for projects in Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Turkey and the US. The Generation Delta turbines also started up

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