Swot Analysis in Apple

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In a modern society, human resources management is always a complicated matter; managers find it difficult to give answers to human resource questions such as: how to exploit strengths, overcome weaknesses, or increase ability of competition. There are many solutions to deal with this matter, one of these is using the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), it is considered an ideal answer. Many companies were trying to apply that solution in their organizations, however the results were not always what they expected, and some organizations failed in performing the SWOT strategy, some companies also succeeded. The Apple Company is known as typical company which is successful in performing SWOT analysis. This …show more content…

Take example of ITunes, it is an useful tool to sync your music, photos, or videos to your Apple’s devices, but it is quite complex for newbie. One the other area, the company can be more develop further in the field of the Apple TV, they have been successful in other areas such as: mobile ( IPhone, IPad), Laptop ( Macbook, Airbook)… I believe that they are absolutely possible to reach the success in Apple TV. Those opportunities can be exploited to be more successful, the Apple Company should catch the opportunities to reach a new height in technology area.
In every company, threats are the factors that always go along with the successful of an organization; Apple is not an exception. In the same word, threats are exactly the competitors, their strong development will be Apple’s hindrance, the competitors will competitive with you in every field from products to customers. According to Leo, he stressed that the biggest competitor may be Samsung Company, Samsung’s products often have lower average price than Apple’s products but the quality of their products are always guaranteed (Polovets, 2012). Furthermore, the company needs to remain the innovation of their products, Apple always lead to the changes to make the differences. Besides, there are many factors which are considered the threats such as: international trade barriers, export/import policies, market’s

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