Essay about Swot Analysis of the Sunshine Clinic

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Swot analysis of a clinic The Overall Experience HLTH400

Unit 5 IP


In this paper, you will read about the Sunshine Clinics Swot analysis to assess our clinic

and environment. Swot will show our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The

internal factors are our strength and weaknesses and our opportunities and threats are external

factors. This is all part of out strategic plan. The reader will see how the Sunshine Clinic oper-

ates, their strengths and weaknesses along with the outcomes, problems, vision and mission

statements and our service strategy. In the closing there will be a summary of the over all plan.


The Sunshine Clinic contains two …show more content…

Some of our other offices have

been short on staffmembers at times and that also needs to be addressed. We also have a lacking

in management because we do not have enough managers to go around to all of the offices.

Some of our new volunteers need to be re-educated to how the clinic works and what their

responsibilities are.

Some of our opportunities for the staff and clinic is that we will be able to have community

partnerships with more than one community at a time. The opportunity to grow our new outreach

center and to keep a full paid staff working in that center. The clinic has a wonderfull opportunity

to participate with other clinics and hospital through out New Jersey. Our clinic will be able to

give service to the growing Mexican population in the Bridgeton area. Because at the present time

they have no services of this type. The Sunshine Clinic has picked up four new sponors from the

area, who donates money every year to the clinic.

Some of the threats that are causing problems at this time is lack of volunteers and problems

with not having enough buses to pick up all of the clinic's patients. In some areas, like the city we

have declining registration and in the rural areas (country areas) we need more volunteers


Our goal is to perfect the clinic's repution and to grow in the communities that the clinic

operates in. We will solicit other hospitals and communities

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