Sybil Ludington Fatherhood

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Sybil Ludington was born on April 5,1761 in Dutchess County, New York.Her parents are Henry and Abigail Ludington.She was the oldest of the twelve kids.She was 16 when this event happened.Her father General Henry Ludington,Sybil’s dad,he volunteered for the militia army he went off to become aide for General George Washington.

Sybil Ludington’s father Henry worked with George Washington.Sybil was always helping her father with her work.Sybil’s father got told that the british are coming so he turned to the man who was supposed to do it but he was really ill.So he went to sybil to ride all the way down to Danbury,CT.She had rode on her horse star twice as much as Paul Revere did.George Washington congragulated her for the courage she showed.
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