Symbolic Interaction Theory In Social Work

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As a social worker, I made sure that I did not offend residents when I declined to sit on a chair after they offered. Another student and I explained the reasons why we could not sit and the reasoning that we gave was that it was our agency’s policies and that we preferred to stand which the residents understood. To add, before going out to conduct the surveys, I made it clear to the supervisor team that if a unit was deemed unfit to enter including if there were bed bugs, cockroaches or hoarding issues, I would not be comfortable to enter. Instead, I would see if a resident would be interested in setting up an appointment to complete the survey at the head office. Overall, I think that it is important to remember as helping professionals that we should not compromise our health and safety needs in order to avoid offending clients since it important to practice self care in order to avoid burnout.…show more content…
This theory helped guide me through my thinking, decision and actions since this theory got me to focus on formulating an assessment and intervening through understanding roles assumed by the residents and groups through the interaction when another placement student and I were interacting with the residents who we had surveyed. To add, the this theory relates back to the survey since the survey looks to gain understanding of the situation of residents living in a particular building at Glenngarry community and to also to find out what programs and services they will most likely benefit from the most. One of the things I think helped encourage residents to complete the surveys was having CUP interns there to help them complete the survey instead of having them complete the survey on their own time. By doing this, it helped increase understanding of the relationship that residents have with their environment from interacting with social work students during the survey
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