Symptoms And Treatment Of Cancer Treatments

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In dealing with cancer treatments now, slight flaws in our practice after therapy have been present; in doing so, patients have experienced personal and emotional discomfort after therapy. Addressing these issues can become informal to patients, as technology have made it easier for our daily procedures to become convenient. The underlining cause of some confusion is not the patients fault but lack of communication from the health care provider after. Therefore, introducing the drawbacks of cancer treatment is adequate to patients after recovery. Cancer is among one of the most deadly diseases along with diabetes to set foot on this planet. Breast cancer is the most common for women and has accounted for more than 190,000 diagnoses in the year of 2009 alone (Susan). Treatment advances have been taking into action and further research has been done to minimize the total amount of patients in treatment. Even then, Cost of treatment has been a factor to some patients because those seeking medical attention are not aware of the expenses up front. While bladder cancer has become increasingly more expensive, is has reached from four billion $USD and now estimated to about five billion by 2020 (2014). Minor setbacks have been present when dealing with radiation therapy (RT) and chemotherapy (CT). Radiation toxicities have been common with RT, therefore, patients experience some sort of symptoms. Treatment objection highly depends on the area of the tumor as well as the stage.

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