Symptoms And Treatment Of Insomnia

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Although it is common for adults to suffer from insomnia, there are also many children who do as well, even though, in many cases, it is not yet diagnosed . There are many factors that can lead to a child developing insomnia. Just as any human being goes through life constantly developing, so does insomnia. While most people do not understand that they can be diagnosed at any age, they see the daily symptoms happening all around them. Because insomnia can be difficult to diagnose, and the tests are so expensive, many individuals develop this condition and suffer for many years before they are able to receive any type of treatment. After suffering for so many years, it can be difficult to catch up in life. Not only does insomnia affect the child that is suffering, it also has a lasting effect on those that are around them in daily activities and those who live with them. It is said that certain collected information, when answered truthfully, shows that between twenty-five and forty-five percent of children suffer from insomnia (Lehmkuhl, G., Wiater, A., Mitschke, A., & Fricke-Oerkermann, L. 2008 ). On many occasions, the parent worries about the child not sleeping. This can lead to the parent not sleeping as well. Once this turns into a cycle it can become very overwhelming for everyone in the house potentially making everyone miserable. When children become this tired, they become irritable and grumpy. This cycle will continue until they are able to eventually get a

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