Post Surgery Procedure Essay

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Post surgery, Angela’s head will be bandaged in order to reduce swelling and bruising. A drainage tube is usually inserted behind her ear to prevent fluid and blood collection under the skin. Pain medication is prescribed and used as needed; she may also use a soft icepack. Two weeks post procedure she will experience numbness, swelling and skin discoloration. The incisions and dressings must be kept dry until the surgeon indicates otherwise. She should keep her head elevated and immobile for the first few days in order to minimize swelling. Stitches are usually removed by day five day, The initial face lift results will be apparent soon afterward.
Most cases are performed under general anesthetic in a hospital or may be performed under local anesthetic and sedation.
An open surgery technique is used to improved vision and access to the dorsum and rotates the nose tip. A seagull shaped incision through the columella hides better on healing, Scissors may be used to lift the skin off the Lower Lateral cartilages. The skin is then dissected off the Lower Lateral cartilages. Surgeon then has easy access to scrape down the dorsum hump. The surgeon will also remove cartilage from the tip to narrow which will tend to cause the tip to rotate upwards, diminishing that droopy appearance. Sutures are used to columella to close the wound. While under anesthetic the surgeon will cut a small incision under the chin to create a pocket in under the muscles infront of the chin bone. The

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