Symptoms and Treatment of Diabetes: A Case Study

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Peggy suffers from Diabetes Mellitis. A condition that affects glucose tolerance through the body's inability to use its insulin or lack thereof. Diabetes affects the body in other ways. It damages the tiny blood vessels in the kidneys, eyes, or nervous system. (Jacoby, Youngson, & Marshall Cavendish Corporation., 2005, p. 116) Damage in the vessels of the kidneys leads to kidney failure. Damage in the vessels of the nervous system lead to poor circulation and eventually, black appendages. Black appendages have little to no blood flow and must be amputated before it causes an infection due to the bacteria present in the dead tissue. Damage in the vessels of the eyes can cause eye issues such as cataracts. (Steinert, 2010, p. 12-26) In fact, cataracts is a major cause of blindness in people with Diabetes. A lot of the symptoms Peggy presented can all be traced back to Diabetes Mellitis. (LeRoith, Taylor, & Olefsky, 2004, p. 18) As will be discussed later in this assessment, each major issue will relate back to Diabetes. If Peggy keeps her Diabetes under strict control, some of the symptoms will alleviate, including her kidneys. One thing to note is Peggy Maloney's ancestry. Although she is Aboriginal, she is descended from Africans. Africans and Hispanics have a higher chance of having genes that are more susceptible to issues with kidney failure and Diabetes. (Steinert, 2010, p. 6) The three issues to be given priority when discussing with doctors for Peggy is Diabetes

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