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Tip-of-the-tongue States Metacognitive Awareness Melinda Ortiz Florida International University Word Count: 913 Have you ever had a feeling of forgetting a word or name you desperately want to say but can not quite get your thought wrapped around the actual word? This phenomenon is called tip-of the-tongue, or TOT. As stated in the text, TOT describes your subjunctive experience of knowing a target word in which you are searching, but cannot recall what the subjunctive word is at that very moment (Matlin, 2014). Individuals whom experience a TOT moment can recall several phonological features of the target word such as a first letter, syllables, or other words that are similar, although the whole phonology is not available (Brown &…show more content…
Mentally he knew the names that were on each of the pictures but could not actually get the word out. He was then asked to try and indicate a phonological feature of the word, or another word that was similar to the target word, but he was unable to provide any information phonologically that was associated to the target word. The experiment preformed on” Dante in this article supports the two-stage model of lexical production regarding the lexical retrieval failure of words (Badecker at. El). In conclusion, the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon is an experience that happens to everyone sometime during his or her life. Trying to recall a word can be frustrating, but with the help of phonological indicators, word retrieval can be possible. Our lexicon, or word bank is filled with tens of thousands of words that we learn over time, so difficulty trying to retrieve the “right” word from our bank advocates that there are so many words that could fit one category and the one we are trying to retrieve is at the tip-of-our-tongue. The tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon is associated with lexical retrieval failure because it is an event where a word could not be recalled to finish a thought. The study by Badecker et. al (2011), supports the idea of lexical retrieval failure in that individuals who have trouble recalling words have an idea of what they want to say but cannot retrieve the word. References Biedermann, B., Ruh,

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