Taj People Philosphy and Star System

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THE TAJ PEOPLE’S PHILOSPHY AND STAR SYSTEM THE TAJ’S PEOPLE PHILOSOPHY and STAR SYSTEM The employee at Taj is viewed as an asset and is the real profit centre. He or she is the very reason for our survival. The creation of the Taj People Philosophy displays our commitment to and belief in our people. We want an organisation with a very clear philosophy, where we can treasure people and build from within. * Bernard Martyris, Senior Vice-President, HR, Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) Introduction In March 2001, the Taj Group launched an employee loyalty program called the ‘Special Thanks and Recognition System’ (STARS). STARS was an initiative aimed at motivating employees to transcend their usual duties and…show more content…
* The Taj family would always strive to attract, retain and reward the best talent in the industry. * The Taj family would commit itself to formal communication channels, which would foster transparency. It was developed in line with the Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM). Explaining the rationale for implementing the philosophy, Martyris said, “It is to achieve that international benchmarking in hospitality, and HR must fit into it”. According to him, the three major areas of TPP included work systems and processes, learning and development and employee welfare. As part of the TPP, the Taj Group introduced a strong performance management system, called the Balanced Scorecard System (BSS) that linked individual performance with the group’s overall strategy. BSS was based on a model developed by Kalpan and Nortan, and focused on enhancing both individual as well as enterprise performance. BSS measured the performance of employees across all hierarchical levels against a set of predefined targets and identified their variances. Martyris explained, “We are looking at a matrix form of organisation which cuts across hierarchy. It is important to understand the potential of people”. Therefore, BSS was implemented even at the lowest levels of hierarchy. The BSS included an Employee Satisfaction Tracking System (ESTS), which solved employees’ problems on a quarterly basis. As a part of ESTS, Taj carried out an

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