Taking a Look at Business Buying

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There are several roles that are part of a buying center. The roles are initiators (an individual who begins the buying center method), decision makers (individuals has the last say on the product), gatekeepers (individuals who set the how much information is given out to other departments), influencers (individuals who give their input about the product), purchasing agents (the participate who will be making the product purchase), controller (an individual that sets a financial plan for the buying of the product), and users (people that will be using the product).
Unlike consumer buying, where the consumer, alone or with assistance or influence from acknowledged opinion leaders, makes his or her own purchase decisions, in business buying a group often determines which PRODUCTs or SERVICES are purchased. (Marketing, 2009)
In most situations, there are people that take on many roles in a business purchasing decision. Upon on an establishment’s organization and the significance of the resolution being made, there could be several to a limited amount of managers that will participate within the purchasing method. More or less participants of a purchasing method will take part during the assessment during the purchasing method, while few participants will only participate during a short time.
Because of the complexity of IT related products, several businesses are using the buying center concept that is specializing in information technology purchases. These focused buying
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