Taking a Look at Business Intelligence

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In the present day business world, an organization needs great analyzing and decision-making capabilities to achieve the challenges. Business Intelligence (BI) offers approaches to improvise business decision making by consuming fact-based support systems (Lim et al., 2012). SAP BI offers BusinessObjects, which provides tools those are helpful in easy discovering and sharing acumens for enriched business decisions (SAP1, 2011). SAP BusinessObjects is an enterprise software company, specializing in BI and produced tools such as BusinessObjects XI, Dashboards, Crystal Reports (Wikipedia1, 2014). SAP also offers BusinessObjects BI suite which primarily consists of three functional use cases: Discovery and Analysis, Reporting, and Dashboards and applications (SAP2, 2014). SAP Analysis tool, edition for OLAP is one of the analysis tools, to run advanced multidimensional analysis of OLAP sources which helps in answering analytical questions straightaway (SAP3, 2012). Crystal Reports is one of the Reporting solutions offered by SAP, which is concerned more about greatly formatted production reporting (SAP2, 2014). SAP offers BI dashboard which is used for data visualization. It can modify a flat excel sheet into interactive and pliable presentations (Obily, 2013).
In the suite of SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions, SAP BusinessObjects Analysis tool, edition for OLAP is the inheritor of SAP BusinessObjects Voyager. Voyager is a powerful and web-based OLAP analysis tool of SAP

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