Taking a Look at Cloud Computing

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Executive Summary The concept of computing has changed over years and continues to change even today. Earlier we had mainframes and computers that took entire rooms to process small amounts of data. These machines led to smaller servers and increased computing over with a much smaller physical presence. The main aim of cloud computing is to save money in the business by allowing online provisioning of IT resources on demand. The IT personnel can now focus more on core business capabilities rather than maintaining the infrastructure. Cloud services are instantly created and automatically provisioned as and when needed which allows to totally reducing the cost of ownership. Cloud Computing has specific characteristics that separate it from regular resource and service provisioning environments. Some of them include: ➢ Scalability ➢ Disaster Recovery ➢ High Availability ➢ Business Agility ➢ High Resource Utilization ➢ Time saving ➢ Reduce up-front IT cost To provide a secure cloud computing solution, an organization needs to decide on which type of cloud to be implemented. Types of clouds: ➢ Public cloud ➢ Private Cloud ➢ Hybrid Cloud Types of cloud delivery methods: ➢ SaaS(Software as a Service) ➢ PaaS (Platform as a Service) ➢ IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) All these offerings allow users to run applications and store data online. Each offers a different level of user flexibility and control. In 1999, was one of the first players in cloud computing when

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