Taking a Look at FogDog Website

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In the issue of mission, the case study did not clearly stated out a particular mission statement for the company but fogdog primary mission was to give out the best sporting equipments online, these have made the company a leading online marketer sporting goods.
Fogdog Sports objective is to reinvent the sporting goods industry by reaching customers with a new value proposition of selection and service. Policies and strategies are the world's leading sporting goods marketers. Some basic elements of the growth strategy include; Fogdog establishes and builds brand recognition as the first global brand for marketer sporting goods and in the progress of building customer trust, confidence as well as loyalty. The company believes that through a compelling shopping experience, intrusive advertising and promotional activities, they can continue to build awareness for Fogdog. The company uses a combination of traditional and online marketing strategies to maximize their brand recognition. is the latest sports store site, with experience that enforces brand promise. The company’s maintain to establish communications through online advertising with major online services and Internet shopping portals to target active online sporting goods shoppers. Fogdog focused on promotes repeat purchases promoting customer loyalty and building relationships with their customers to drive repeat sales. To accomplish this strategy, they strive to provide quality customer service seven

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