Taking a Look at Interpersonal Communication

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"The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood,” said Ralph Nichols and this thought is agreeable as the interpersonal skills are the skills people use throughout their life to interact with individuals or group of people in the society.
It has been believed that the people with good interpersonal skills are generally more successful and get effective fruitful results in both their personal and professional lives. People who work hard to develop strong interpersonal skills can augment many aspects of life and lead to better relationships and understandings in professional and social life. Moreover, the person who is able to communicate in a proper way can increase their efficacy level and personal growth. Also, if one is not able to communicate properly at a workplace, then one lacks in expressing their capability of doing work and achieving more. Hence, interpersonal skills act as an aid to demonstrate one’s personality. The author Coyle elaborates in the article ‘Quality Interpersonal Communication - An Overview,’ that “In today's workplace, these relationships require an interdependence that can most effectively be achieved through better quality interpersonal communications” (1). In addition, as the strong interpersonal skills assures good relationships and satisfying communications in all environments. The more the person interacts with colleagues and customers at a work place with good interpersonal skills, the more there is increment in

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