Taking a Look at Islam

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Islam is a religion that tells it believers a complete way of living. The core belief of Islam is that there is no "God" but Allah and Muhammad (S.A.W) is the last prophet of God. The concept of worship in Islam is a general concept which meets all the good in religion and life. The truth of worship is all said and works that appeal to Allah and you are satisfied. The Muslim in life knows that he is a true servant of Allah and obeying Allah seeks to fulfill and to avoid what banned in all things, in life and religion and because it is his honor to be his servant (Von Grunebaum, 2013). The Abrahamic religions are monotheistic faiths that recognize spiritual identification with Abraham. Islam, Christianity and Judaism share the patriarch Abraham. Although the three monotheistic religions: Jews, Christians and Muslims are Abrahamic religions, because they come from the patriarch Abraham, is only in Islam where the Eid-El-Adja, or feast of sacrifice; where the Prophet Abraham is the protagonist, is celebrated with great splendor. The Jews are considered the descendants of Abraham, who was devoted to the service of the one God, creator of heaven and earth. This God demands righteousness and justice. Abraham's belief was an ethical monotheism. His descendants were to spread that belief and remain faithful to the covenant with God. God would watch in his favor and give them a possession the Holy Land. All families of the earth could participate in this Alliance. Muslims, followers

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