Taking a Look at Nestlé

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In 1972, during Industrial Revolution in Switzerland, factory jobs were created for women. Thus, they had less time to prepare meals, and this became a wise spread problem. Julius Maggi (born on October 9, 1846; in Switzerland) took charge of his father’s mill, made a difference by creating packed food hat was quick and easy to prepare, and soon he became pioneer in industrial food production.


Today, Maggi is an integral part of Nestle family of food and beverages. Maggi is known worldwide, for its high quality products and their innovation. Nestle offers not just food items but packaged soups, frozen meals and ready to use sauces as well.

Maggi instant noodle is manufactured by Nestlé. Maagi is well known in countries like India, Aurtralia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore and the Philippine. In some countries, it’s also known as "Maggi Mee" (Mee means noodles in Indonesian/ Malay/Hokkien).

As mentioned earlier, Maggi pioneered the instant food market; his main aim was to provide high quality meal to workers. Thus, Maggi noodles were the first meal in the market that was rich in protein. After Maggi noodles, ready-made soup was also introduced.


Nestle India (NIL), Indian subsidiary of the worldwide FMCG brand, Nestle S.A., introduced the Maggi in India (1982). Maggi launched its 2 minutes noodles, an instant

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