Taking a Look at Political Ideologies

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It’s an understatement to say our ideology shapes the way we live our lives every day. It affects the way we view and react to different people. Ideology is a set of beliefs that affects our outlook on the entire world. Most of the time ideology refers to a set of political beliefs or a set of ideas that relate to religious views. In a simpler meaning, ideology means having a views or opinions based on your ideas of that thing.
The Republican ideology today is based on conservatism. They believe in free market economy and the government’s job is to provide for its citizens with military protection. A conservative is someone who values the heritage that comes from the past. They believe in classical principles and tend to be more self-righteous. Conservative Republicans believe in tradition, less regulation and free enterprise. They believe in their rights and are hard working. This is the belief that you get what you work for but the government still helps the ones in need.
Democrats think it is the responsibility of the government to care for all individuals. Democrats are weak compared to the rest of the political ideologies. They believe the government knows what is best for the citizens. A Democratic liberal is where democracy uses the principles of liberalism. This includes social and economic equality. Liberals want the government to help with the lower class and regulate the rich to ensure they do not have too much power. Liberals do not want a completely free

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