Taking a Look at Singapore Airlines

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International aviation industry is a risky and highly competitive industry, which has to be obligated many strictly safety requirements as well as fluctuated by internal and external factories. New risk factors continue to occur in recent years, similar like to 9/11 accident, the international aviation industry has seen a wave of bankruptcies and the Asian financial crisis, SARS breaking, high oil prices, the global financial tsunami, volcanic eruption in Iceland, etc., constitute new challenges for the airline industry, they should re-examine the development strategies and policies.

In the following tenses, I’m going to explore and analyze how Singapore Airlines successes on its business level strategy application in such hyper-competitive business environment with achieve wider gains and recognition.

Background of Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has founding in 1972, evolving from a regional airline to one of the most respected travel brands around the world. Singapore Airlines is also Singapore's national airline, which in Changi Airport as a base, the main operating on international routes, has a strong route network in Southeast Asia, East Asia and South Asia, and occupy the Kangaroo route (especially between Europe and Australasia between Eastern Hemisphere stopping passenger routes) part of the market. In addition, there are also flights across the Pacific.

Its brand is well known in the aviation industry, particularly in the security, quality of service

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