Taking a Look at the Holocaust

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When you think of the Holocaust, what do you think about. Is it the millions of Jews lives that were taken? Or is it a great, but wicked speaker named Adolph Hitler. Adolph Hitler, Auschwitz, and American involvement are some key roles in the holocaust. Adolph Hitler is probably one of the worst people ever to live. When people talk of evil deeds he is at the top of the list. He was a man of words, and could use them to his advantage. He had an ability to talk and make the Germans believe that the Jews were the reason for the problems in their country; so he gave them the idea to move them out. In 1919, army veteran, Adolf Hitler, was frustrated by Germany’s defeat in the first World War. It had the nation economically depressed and politically unstable. The amount of money Germany was forced to pay was around 132 billion dollars. The amount was finally paid off in October of 2010. He joined a fledgling political organization called the German Workers’ Party. Founded earlier that same year by a small group of men. The party promoted German nationalism and antisemitism. They felt that the peace settlement that ended the war, the Treaty of Versailles, was extremely unjust to Germany by burdening it with reparations it could never pay. Hitler soon emerged as a charismatic public speaker and attracted new members with speeches blaming Jews and Marxists for Germany’s problems and creating extreme nationalism and the concept of a master race. Hitler and other

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