Talent Management: The Challenges Of Effective Talent Management

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The beginning of meaningful changes and digitalization has brought in new models of collaboration that leads to higher performance and better innovation. There has been a change in the culture with new generation entering the workforce and the upcoming businesses demanding something better. All this together calls for a rethinking of talent management.
The emerging economies which were thought to catalyze growth are slowing down, even the developed economies are wrestling under loads of debt and finding it difficult to drive growth. This has lead the unemployment to reach its all-time high in number of markets. Despite the abundance of willing workforce the organizations are unable to find the perfect talent to match its job requirements. This shortfall of talent is acting as a major hurdle to growth.
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Challenges of Effective Talent Management:
When considering the reconstruction of traditional talent management models only handful of organizations have adapted their approach and strategies to deal with the complexities of the market environment and current economy.
The following challenges have confronted the companies and forced them to rethink their approach to talent management.
1. Talent management is not keeping pace with the corporate workforce which is becoming
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