Talk To Yourself Analysis

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You talk to yourself all the time, it is estimated that we have an internal dialogue of between 150 and 300 words a minute. And the way that you talk to yourself will have a significant impact upon both your state of mind and the likely outcome of your actions. This inner self talk will determine how you view yourself.

You need to learn how to be in control of the way that you think but this takes time

Step 1: Reduce generalisations, you cannot be expected to be good at everything and by reducing generalisations you will lesson the number of knock backs which have a negative impact on your momentum

Step 2: Build a database of successes and use this when encountering situations where you are feeling less confident. 90% of our confidence comes …show more content…

Avoid giving other people and situations control over how you feel. Listen to calming music to lessen the feelings of anxiety.

Step 5: Acknowledge the positives and do be tempted to focus on the problems. Thinking about the negatives will only increase their influence.
It is also important to watch the language you are using in your inner-talk. Most of the time we function on auto-pilot and are not conscious of the way we think and negative self-talk will increase feelings of powerlessness

Step 6: Increase levels of self-awareness. Write down your thoughts and check out how accurate and how reasonable they are. Find somebody that you trust that you can share your thoughts and ideas with and who will give you helpful feedback.

Increasing self-awareness

What are your belief systems? Your beliefs determine how you view the world and your beliefs are influenced by how you were brought up, what you read and your experiences. Our beliefs act as a filter through which we view the world i.e. we filter out the experiences which do not align with our beliefs, in fact we tend to look for information that reinforces our belief system. Some of the beliefs are we have about ourselves are unsupportive, for example belittling our …show more content…

Even when we have success the voice can undermine us by questioning if we deserve it. In this way the sabotaging behaviour aims to create the reality that is aligned with our beliefs. Much of the time the way that we think is out of habit and we do not question the validity of the impact of the way we

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