Tanglewood Case 3

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HRM 301-F1WW
Tanglewood Case 3
October 19, 2014

Recruitment Guide
Position:Multiple Positions
Reports to:Store Manager, Sales Manager
Qualifications:High School Diploma or GED
Relevant labor Market:Western Washington, Eastern Washington, Northern Oregon and Southern Oregon
Timeline: Conducting interviews with qualified applicants until all positions are filled
Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates
Employee referrals
Local organizations
Job Services
Media Advertising
Career Fairs
Internet/ Company website

Staff Members involved:
HR Recruiter
Departmental Managers
Store Manager
In order to determine what is the best recruiting efforts at Tanglewood, it is best to look
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In the Eastern Washington Region, the Media had most applicants, their hiring rate was the lowest at 15%, and their retention rate was the lowest for (6mos/1yr). Their variable cost was second lowest with their total cost being the lowest in comparison to Kiosk and Referrals. There was no Job Services in the Eastern Washington Region. Referrals had the highest hiring rate with the highest retention rate. The Kiosk had the highest cost for the division. Media had the total cost combined lower than any other category. In the Northern Oregon, the Kiosk had the highest applicant rate. Their hiring rate was the second lowest with a 6 mos. retention rate being the lowest, but the 1 year was the highest. Kiosk also had the total and variable cost was the higher amongst the category. The Agency had the lowest applicants, their hiring rate, retention (6mos/1yr) was the highest. The Agencies total variable cost was the lowest. In Southern Oregon, Kiosk had the highest applicants with the lowest hiring rate and the lowest retention rate (6mos/1yr) while their total variable cost was the second highest and total cost was the highest. The Agency hiring rate was the highest with the highest retention rate (6mos/1yr) with less applicants. Their variable cost was the lowest and total cost was second to Referrals. Northern Oregon (Region 3) suggested that the other division of Tanglewood adopt the policy of using kiosks and staffing

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