Task 1:Workforce Planning, Recruitment, & Selection. Course

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Task 1: Workforce Planning, Recruitment, & Selection

Course Code: 234
Student Name: Brenda Dempsey
Student ID: 255891
Date: April 23, 2017
Student Mentor Name: Becky Melton A1. Factors that are influencing labor demand.
1. Crime: Crime has increased in most areas.
The mayor has promised the community they would be ramping up patrols in high crime areas.
2. Overtime: Police Department has come under some scrutiny due to excessive overtime.
This has been identified by the mayor as an area for major concern and needs to be addressed immediately.
3. Current Demographics: Police Department is understaffed as it stands now.
It will be greatly under staffed in the next five years as 24% of the police officers will be eligible for
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I chose military police for reasons that they have the second highest yield ratio rate and the similarities between the armed forces and our police departments.
The qualities of a police officer are identical to a solder.
B2c. Describe 2 effective methods for reaching each target group.
Group One: Other Police Departments
1. Employee referral; These applicants already know what is expected in the position.
It is also time saving when hiring by employee referral.
“According to a study by JobVite, on average it takes 29 days to hire a referred candidate through a job posting or 55 days to hire a candidate through a career site.”
2. Electronic Job Postings: By using online recruiting, you are reaching a larger audience, easier to process than paper applications because applicants are sorted digitally.
Group Two: Military Police:
1. Journals for Military Personnel: Posting on these job sites guarantees that the positon you are posting will be seen by seen by the kind of candidates you are looking for.
2. Electronic Job Postings: By using these kind of sites the police department will be able to save quite a bit of money that could be used for other things within the department.
“These job portals are 30% cost effective of annual fees that the staffing agency charge and the cost of newspaper or ads have the
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