Teacher Cadet Journey Essay

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My Teacher Cadet Journey- Final Entry I learned things from this class that I would have never learned in a classroom as a student. As a Teacher Cadet, I loved all the adults I worked with at my elementary school and had the uttermost respect for them. However, just as in the real world, not everything was always smooth sailing. There were times I got frustrated and I felt I was doing everything wrong but I had to learn to power through it because I made a commitment to not only the class academically for myself but also to all 19 of my students. By being in the classroom everyday, I gained a different sense of responsibility. The bond I made with each of those kids I cannot put into words. I truly looked at them and loved them as if they …show more content…

Also, within this class I learned that I had a creative side in me which I didn't know existed. From coming up with lesson plans to ways to organize things to creating thoughtful gifts for the students and teacher, I had to use my innovative imagination. Through this experience, I learned that is vitally important that children in school have a creative, stimulating classroom environment. Such an environment will stimulate their minds and make them much better learners and thinkers. The classroom environment should include lots of books, visual materials and different activities in order to help them learn the material as best as possible. All these requirement should be aimed at attracting and keeping the child’s interest and promoting questioning and discussion. Expecting children, particularly young ones, to sit at a desk all day and learn is not the way to go. Children, particularly young ones, need to move around and do different activities in order to keep them engaged. Having an environment where they are being taught in ways that are fun and reel them in, will stimulate the students to do well and strive to do better. This course not only helped me to learn about myself, but others as well. I quickly figured out how I knew very little going through this internship and once I realized that, I found out that
Behling 3 some of my best lessons have come from others. One thing I learned is that being a good listener will make people want

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