Teaching And Learning Theoretical Framework Essay

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“To teach is to learn twice” is a famous quote of French moralist, Joseph Joubert. As a teacher I will learn from teaching my students. I will develop a more in depth understand and possibly a view from a different perspective. My philosophy of teaching is written from the perspective of a graduate school student. I have not yet begun my career in academia. I expect my philosophy to develop over the years and change with experience. I pray it does because if it does not, something is terribly wrong. Teaching/Learning Theoretical Framework The Theoretical framework that guide my educational philosophy is Kolcalba Comfort Theory (CT). As defined by the creator, “CT appreciates the holistic nature of humans as individuals who have emotional, mental, and spiritual lives, that are connected with their physical bodies" (Wilson & Kolcaba, 2014, p.166). CT is described in four contexts in which patient comfort occurs: “environmental, sociocultural, physical, and psychospiritual,” In the comfort theory, Kolcaba, (2016) states if healthcare needs are appropriately assessed and interventions are carried out to address those needs, the outcome is enhanced patient comfort. If nursing students are comfortable they will in theory: perform better, retain and apply their knowledge and be better nurses. Comfort Theory is a process and a product. This theory is based on seeing an individual as a spiritual being. Once comfort is achieved, the patient or in this application student is likely
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