Teaching As A Dream Teacher

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Being a teacher is often protruded in movie as a dream job. Not just any dream job, but THE dream job. Teachers finish work by four in the afternoon, have summers off and receive the love and acceptance of young cute children. But, teaching is not all that it seems to be. Don’t get me wrong, teaching is a dream job, but a lot more work and dedication goes into it than people believe. Creating lesson plans, staying up late at night to organise activities and make lessons fun, and dealing with difficult children are not just sunshine and rainbows. It is important for teachers to be flexible, and be able to adapt to any situation they might face. In this paper, we will look at a case study to try and decipher the best way for a teacher to react in a specific situation. Toni’s case In this paper, we will look at a specific case study and decipher what the best coping mechanisms are for teachers. Here, we have a student named Toni. She likes to play the “dumb, slow student”. Her teacher can tell that she is very smart, but she sometimes acts in an opposite way, pretending that she doesn’t know the answers when her teacher knows that she does. Toni is in third grade, and hallway through the semester, is struggling. She did very well at the beginning of the school year of third grade and getting amazing grades without even studying. She liked to brag about it to her classmates. But, as they’ve gotten farther into the school year, Toni is having legitimate difficulty in class. Her
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