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LESSON 1 1. Which of the instructional materials enumerated in this lesson do you often use? Are there categories you have not tried? Why? Materials often used: A. Printed and Duplicated Materials I do use a lot of printed materials in teaching my pupils. I do find that my pupils do better when we are making use of the board but I do need an evidence to show how the pupil is doing to their parent or guardian and that is by means of printed materials. B. Non-Projected Display Materials I handle kids with different needs; one for example is that I have pupils with Autism. Those who are on the spectrum learn best with visual materials that is why the center that I’m in has a lot of instructional materials to choose from.…show more content…
Using Microsoft word in creating stories, paragraphs or any written expression helps the learners write grammatically correct sentences easily and learn faster. * Engaging. Others may find computers amusing while others may have access to the newest gadget in the market, over all it appeals to almost every learner, resulting to a favorable outcome for the teacher. 3. If your school has been using software in teaching, pick out a particular lesson or unit based on the software description. What are its merits as well as its limitations? Some of my pupils are children with autism. Part of their characteristics is that they have a hard time distinguishing others body parts from them. One computer application that we use is the “Our Body Parts”. This app helps my pupils identify their body parts and helps them understand that they can get things using their own hand. LESSON 4 1. Make 20 statements with equal numbers of positive and negative statements focusing on feelings and not facts/ ideas. a. Everybody listened to teacher. b. Patrcia will join the science quiz bee tomorrow. c. The class of Ms. Reyes did a wonderful job decoratin g their classroom. d. The junior scientist just won their 5th competition this school year. e. Mr. Villamor was just honored for being one of the most outstanding teacher in the Philippines. f. Francine gave her best in her science quiz. g. Harold and Elishia wil represent the
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