Technical English and General English

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TEACHING TECHNICAL ENGLISH AND GENERAL ENGLISH Introduction English today has become more than the Lingua Franca of the masses. It has become the lifeline. The call of the hour is for the academia to well-equip itself with the most competent language skills. Only then can suitable help be extended to the beneficiaries, the students. My paper will focus on the nature of General and Technical English today. It will also attempt to show how Technical English and General English can be made more student-centric as the Academic language. The second most spoken language in the world and the lingua franca in many professions, English is a culturally rich, exciting field of study, with some 380 million native speakers. Only Chinese and Hindi…show more content…
The absence of it deprives citizens of having a rounded personality and an integrated view of life. In today’s world, we find people lacking sensitivity which is manifest in terms of gender violence and other abuses of human rights. It is reflective of the fact that we lack the means to understand life. In the context of late capitalism and affluent society, literature has to be reinvented to serve the interest of humanity that is at crossroads.”(1) When this love for literature is developed, the rest follows suit and there is no need for the teacher to thrust English on the student. The learning will happen automatically and he/she would also evolve as a fuller human being. It is because today’s world is very materialistic and prosaic. The curriculum should add spice to the Technical English syllabus, make it more lovable and rename it, if necessary. Technical English should be extended to at least 4 semesters and its significance in today’s world of communication must be sent across as an important message to the learner. Each semester can be devoted for a particular skill (LSRW) and prose, poetry, drama and such related genres have to be subtly introduced to the young learner. There would be speculations about dealing with high achievers who are very proficient in the language. For such students, the curriculum can be widened to include tougher aspects of language and literature which would be a challenge
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