Technology And New Media Art

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There are numerous upon numerous different styles of art from traditional art to new media art. Traditional genres of art such as painting, drawing and ceramics create pieces of work that are done by hand. Unlike traditional art, new media art has pieces of work created by digital machines and other technological devices. In addition, digital media art can be in a form of a video, sculpture, installation art ,photography, robotics, audio and many other formulations.
In the reading ”New Media Art - Introduction” written by Mark Tribe,the author talks about technology and art becoming new media art. together. According to Tribe in the reading, “We use the term New Media art to describe projects that make use of emerging media technologies and are concerned with the cultural, political, and aesthetic possibilities of these tools” (Tribe, 1). In this quote, the the author interprets new art form as electrical pieces of work to help give out a message; whether it is controversial, aesthetic, or racial topics that connect within our society. In addition, new media art can represent all of these element, some of these elements or even one of these elements. I strongly agree with the author's definition of new media art because in learning and researching about new media I have found three new media artists that support the author's definition. These new media artist are Aleksandar Srnec, Katherine Behar and Camille Turner.
The first new media artist I found researching was

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