Technology And Social Effects Of Technology On Children

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Social Effect of Technology on Children Alarm clock goes off - checks phone, sitting on the bus - plays games, eating dinner with the family - texting friends, trying to go to bed - scrolls through social media… this has become the everlasting cycle that drives the typical teenage kid into social destruction and retrains them from witnessing first-hand experiences of the real world. As the new generation becomes teenagers, we can see the social development and can research how our technological age has affected them. The easy and typical solution can be shown to cause everlasting consequences and needs to be redirected towards a moderate perspective for educational purposes. We will draw ideas from American Psychological Association, International Journal of Technology, behavioral scientists, and parents to compare the facts and logic behind the effect of technology on children and the solution to the problem. First, we need to view the nation’s children as a whole to lay the foundation to the problem that arises. About 75% of children from ages eight to ten have their own smartphone as of 2016 and the percentage has exponentially increased since (Kids Wireless). The effects of smartphones on these children have become prevalent to the everyday person. While walking around the mall or going to a restaurant with your family, it has become impossible to ignore the fact that kids have their faces stuck in front of the screen. In class, teachers are constantly berating

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