Technology And Social Problems

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Defining the problem
Every aspect of life in the society has embraced modernization and gained more technological advancement because of the presence of computers, cell phones, television, internet and industries of every kind. Communication has also taken the shape of emails and text messages as well as business systems such as online libraries, e buying, and online banking. Even though technology has contributed a lot towards the advancement of the society today, the truth is it has also brought a negative impact on the same community. The current society requires assessing the negative ways it is affected by this technology regarding affecting resources health, education, and relationships in general (Gifford, 2013 p 5).
Why is it a
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The effect of technology on the environmental, physical and social health can be destructive if nothing can be put to check. The benefits of technological advancement are evident, however as with every aspect, moderation is necessary. Becoming aware the devastating effects on the excessive use of electronics can aid in averting unnecessary hazards (Gifford, 2013 p 19).
Conducting the Primary Research
Doing Interviews was the chosen mode of conducting primary research.
Aims of the Research
The study sought to investigate the adverse impact of technology on the society. Other specific objectives of the study included the following:
i) To determine factors that affect the youth health culture in the society today ii) To show the relationship between advancement in technology and the healthy practices adopted by teenagers. iii) To determine how has the inclusion of digital media impacted the way healthcare information is disbursed to the youth in the country.
Research Questions
1. How has technology changed our everyday lives?
2. What effect does technology have on society?
3. What are the prospects for technological development in the next 100 years?
Significance of the study
Little attention has been put into the research on challenges encountered as a result of the adoption of technology in promoting health and education amongst the youth in in the society Hence this
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