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Throughout today’s society, you may see many different types of language. Some of these come from the different speech communities that are found throughout the world. However, a large portion of the variety of languages come from the amount of technology that we grew up with. A majority of the older generations believe that technology has decreased the amount of knowledge that is required for kids to become successful. However, research has showed that technology has actually helped improve the language that is used in today’s society.
Kids today understand the difference between texting and formal languages. They have been taught to differentiate between the two languages as well as understand when the appropriate times of usage for each of them are. A fifteen year old named Terri made the statement “I have never hear of anyone using ‘text language’ for an essay or anything, and if I did, I’d probably hurt them horribly. But, it’s not my problem if you get horrendous grades for something ridiculously stupid you did if you happen to use it. I don’t understand how people can’t tell the difference between what CAN be used in English (which is correct English, duh) and what can’t, like text language or whatever” (Crystal 360). Some of the most common misconceptions about technology use and the way it affects our language are;
Texting uses new and nonstandard orthography.
This will inevitably erode children’s ability to spell, punctuate, and capitalize correctly—an ability

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