Technology And The New Home

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When my wife and I moved our family from Seattle, Washington to Dallas, Texas we used technology in multiple different ways to plan the move and interact with the various service providers that we employed to help us along the way. I am happy to say that the move went very smoothly and I know that it would not have been as easy for us had technology support services offered by the providers we used not been as easy to use and readily available. We moved into a rental home for our first two months in Texas before deciding to buy a house of our own; and that is when the first problem occurred. We had set up our Internet and cable services through Verizon FIOS which was the only cable option we had if we didn’t want to use a satellite dish. The original account setup and activation was simple and painless. And because their service up to that point had been acceptable that we decide to retain their services for the new home. They advertised on their website that if a customer was moving within the Verizon FIOS service area that they could take all hardware, account information, and price with them to the new service location. This sounded simple enough so I logged in to submit the address change, expecting what they advertised to be true. It was early in the morning, I was tired, and had a full day of moving ahead of me so I breezed through the change form and trusted that everything was good to go. It wasn’t until almost two months later that I realized there was an issue
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