Technology And The Special Education Classroom

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Technology in the Special Education Classroom
Shayna Schumann, LBS1, MS
Quincy University

Technology is rapidly changing and growing, and the ability to use technology is almost essential for working in the real world. Educators are not only responsible for teaching students how to use common technologies but are also responsible for assisting students in using technology to improve there ability to learn and stay engaged in the classroom. There are various articles and studies that have been done to show that different types of basic technology, and more specialized assistive technology, can have a benefit on the education for students’ with disabilities. Along with the articles and studies done on the effectiveness of technology in the classroom, there are a multitude of website that offer resources and extensive research on devices and apps created to help improve students accessibility to the classroom and curriculum. The Library of Congress is a valuable tool when it comes to integrating technology in the classroom. There are various types of primary and secondary sources available to assist students in understanding different topics along with interactive websites to help students remain engaged in the learning process.
Keywords: assistive technology, technology, special education, Universal Design for Learning, IDEA Technology in the Special Education Classroom
Technology is rapidly growing and changing in our world. Students receiving
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