Technology : The Aspects Of Technology In The Workplace

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Technology and social media are playing an ever-evolving role in people’s day to day lives. Phones are now many times more powerful than computers used to be, and the level of interconnectedness technology affords us is astonishing. While these breakthroughs have allowed for the advancement of scientific research and made daily tasks more efficient, there is a large issue that seems to be avoided. As technology has changed, the ways in which we mingle in a professional workplace have not. Social skills are still at the forefront of what employers look for in potential job candidates, and the truth is that many young adults and children soon to enter the workforce are ill prepared for effective professional communication due to lack of face to face interaction in daily life from repeated overuse of technological communication. This issue is noteworthy because as young adults preparing for the rest of our lives and the careers we seek, it’s important to observe how different outlets we have at our disposal can actually be hindrances. There’s a strong argument to be made for the introduction of technology into the learning environment and workplace, but at what cost? This ultimately affects how we act in all facets of life, and while technology can help us be more productive it can also make us less effective employees because of our inability to convey our thoughts in a comprehensive manor.
Some suggest that being able to utilize technology as a crutch allows for more social

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