Technology : The Effects Of Technology And Society

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The effects of technology with society has beneficial impacted the way we live. With technology is providing many advantages, but also it has some disadvantages it has on children and adults. There is little room for people that wish to live without technology, moreover than living the way they did in the old days. Technology has its advantages, it’s has changed the way people have communicated by email, social media, the way traveling has improved.
Have you ever heard the saying ‘Children are born with a cell phone in their hands?’ Today, children may not be born with technology in their hands, but they are introduced to it sometimes even before they can even walk. Technology is so advanced than what it used to be, children as young as
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Children have less face to face interaction with other people if they are too busy watching TV or playing on a phone. Children who stay up late playing on video games or watching TV lose sleep, consequently they will wake up still sleepy.
Education in the classroom has become more advanced. Many decades ago technology wasn’t use in the class as a learning tool. With everything in today’s world is advancing and becoming more complex, technology comes in handy. Technology in the classroom is very important, this will help the students become more prepared for the future. Students learn how to use the computer and search on the web.
Distant learning is learning style or tool that the teacher can be taught from another location from the student. Technology With distance learning is a great way for a student with a busy schedule, or someone that just cannot make it to the class. Distant learning or online learning has become so popular that 48 states and the District of Columbia support online learning. U.S. Department of Education. Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning.
The internet has become so advance over the years that the teachers have a better resource to teach the students. The web has a better simulation and models to demonstrate the information that teacher in showing the students. Learning another language has become easier to learn through global learning. E-books is a digital book that can be read online through a tablet, computer, and cellphone. It

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