Technology and Education Essay

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Technology and Education

Technology has always influenced education, even when the most advanced technology available was a chalkboard. “In the early 1800s, a technological invention was introduced to classrooms that would prove to have a profound impact on teaching….What was this technological wonder? The chalkboard![1]” Now, more than 200 years later, technology is still finding it’s way into the classroom, but in more modern ways. Some of ways that technology enhances today’s classrooms are through the appropriation of grant money to fund further research on technology in the classroom, the use of technology to increase civic awareness and through the use of Assistive Technology in helping the disabled. …show more content…

In the past, these lessons were reserved for older students who, it was thought, could dredge through boring and dusty old books and court cases to learn about government. Today, however, students and teachers have a new source of information-the Internet. As more-and younger-students are accessing the Internet, new doors are being opened to teachers looking to instill civic responsibility in their pupils. However, as stated in Technology in the Classroom… “There is so much information available that students can soon become overwhelmed or, worse yet, completely duped by Web sites that speciously appear to be accurate and honest sources (Braun 1997).[3]” Teachers, when instructing students to use the Internet, should show them how to search for material and critically review it in order to ensure that it is factual and honest. Another option is Webquest, “an inquiry-based curriculum design for online problem solving that has become very popular.[4]” Teachers who wish to utilize these resources can do so by having students look up laws and court decisions online and create presentations or recreate the court cases in order to illustrate their comprehension of the material, as well as show their thoughts on the subject. Students today have options available to them that were never available before, both in the classroom and in the library.

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