Television Advertisement : The Portrayal Analysis Of Television Commercials

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Television commercials are television programming that provides a message in the market about their product. Different methods are used to trick the viewers into purchasing a product. There are many commercials out in the world. Men’s body wash products are popular for males. There are a lot of brands out in the world for men’s body wash. In the first, these commercials first began in early 2010. The commercial titled “The man your man could smell like,” Old Spice persuades the viewer that they or their man will smell like the man in the commercial and therefore be the perfect man. No man wants to smell like lavender, especially if it takes attention from the woman. The character is key in this commercial. The idea of the commercial is for the audience to want to be like, or their man to be like, the man in the commercial. The second thing in this commercial is the man being introduced shirtless in a towel. This scene immediately grabs the attention of many woman. The other thing is he is African American, muscular, and he has a strong voice. All these things make him desirable to woman. Every man wants to be like him, so it can take men’s attention too. That means they can sell their product easily. “Smell like a man,” (“Old Spic”), appear and freeze on the screen. This part can make the viewers laugh. The main goal of this scene on the Old Spice commercial is to get the women audience. The man on the commercial said, “you are on a boat. What is in your hand? I have it

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