Television Effects On Children 's Eating Habits

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Television Advertisement Effects on Children’s Eating Habits McDonalds Restaurant recently added a new marketing strategy to their kid’s meal for children to have in their food trays. Children sit at the table, have fun and begin eating burgers. McDonalds usually incorporate and include as an added feature, the most popular and in demand movie characters in their happy meal advertisement strategies. McDonalds Corporation uses the small, yellow and cylindrical looking characters called Minions which are the little funny characters displayed in the movie “Despicable Me 2”. This is how advertisers attract the audiences and it increases the audience interest because it depicts a false impression that they will have fun with cute minions while eating a happy meal. In this way the promoters impress children and make them to buy the happy meal. There is a misleading message that if customers’ buy the happy meal, they will be happy like the minions. Furthermore, if one purchases a happy meal, one would get a free minion toy as an added incentive to purchase. This is one of McDonalds premium offer tactics used to encourage the audience to purchase the meal. In addition to such tactic, they display a smiley face sign in the happy meal box. This is where the concept of naming the food, “Happy Meal” theme from. After watching this commercial, children will tend to desire to eat this food and the parents’ will in most cases purchase these unhealthy foods for their children because of

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