Johnny Cupcakes, a Multi-Million Dollar Clothing Brand

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Johnny Cupcakes

Chelsea LaRese

Johnny Cupcakes is a multi-million dollar clothing brand. The brand was founded in 2001 by Johnny Earle. One of Johnny 's acquired nicknames was Johnny cupcakes. He "thought it would be funny to make a couple random shirts that said 'Johnny Cupcakes ' on them for the fun of it" (Earle, 2012). After massive interest in these shirts, he decided to continue to make more and change up the designs. In 2001, Johnny stated, "the band I was in, On Broken Wings, finally got signed to a record label and we began to tour full time" (Earle, 2012). This opened up Johnny and his t-shirts to a larger crowd of customers in different parts of the country. This boosted the brand 's popularity and Johnny decided
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People not only crave exclusiveness, but will pay top dollar for it. "Because they 're collectibles and not just apparel, customers are willing to pay $60 for a Johnny Cupcakes shirt--and even stand in line for a new release like kids waiting for concert tickets" (Spaeder 2007). This exclusiveness plays off of our cultures social classes. Most Americans want to be in a better social class. Exclusiveness is a trait that is common in the highest of classes. The limited edition shirts not only sets the standards for someone 's social status, but also keeps inventory at a low, making sure the products that are produced are sold. Having limited edition shirts erases much of the risks and fears of the changing trends of JC 's market. Since there are only a handful of the shirts available, they are long gone before the design and style gets soggy. Also, this allows the company to be very flexible with the changing market.
The two major internal factors that impact the organization are how they enhance the customer experience and their product packaging. These are two very important factors that help create the Johnny Cupcakes brand. They are part of the JC culture and without them, the brand wouldn 't be what it is today. Part of the customer experience lies in JC 's three retail store locations. "They 're set up just like bakeries, complete with glass display shelves, employees wearing aprons and the smell of vanilla

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