Tennis Is On The Right Track By Giving Equal Prize Money

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People pretend it doesn’t exist they deny that after all these years’ racism isn’t happening but it is still happening and very much alive. Tennis prides itself on being innovators. People think tennis is on the right track by giving equal prize money to both male and females and giving both genders equal opportunity in television and media coverage but the fact remains that tennis wouldn’t fully be there until they take that one step and drop the racism. This may seem like an impossible task but with lots of joint effort with the general public, fans and the people involved in the sport racism can be decreased. Tennis is a predominantly white sport and with the success of the Williams sister’s barriers have begun to dissolve but it’s still an issue that needs fixing.
Tennis has a long standing history that like many other sports has been around for a long time. There is thin evidence to suggest that tennis has been around for thousands of years suggesting that the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans had played it (Barzum). However, for many tennis is known to have really begun in London in 1874 Major Walter C. Wingfield patented the game of tennis (Barzum). That same year saw the tournament at Wimbledon be played for the first time but at this time it was only men that were allowed to participate. Ten years later in 1884 women were finally able to participate at Wimbledon (Barzum). Tennis 100 percent a white mans sport until 1968 the beginning of the open era of tennis when

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