Tesco : The Largest Global Retail Store

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P5 Tesco Tesco, which is British-based, is an international grocery and general merchandise supermarket chain. Tesco is the 3rd largest global retail store and the largest British retail store based on profits. Tesco was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen from a market stall in London. Today it is one of the largest retailers in the world. Tesco’s main business is retailing in the UK, which provides 60% of all sales and profits. Tesco has the widest range of food of any other shop in the UK. Its two main food brands are it’s Tesco’s Finest and Everyday Value ranges, both of these products sell over £1 billion products per year. Tesco’s are also really clever about where they position their stores, they usually position the stores on cities or town’s high streets because they know that there will be a large number of people passing the store every day. This way there is a big chance of a lot of people entering the store and buying products because of this they will make more money. If the store isn’t situated in a major city or a busy town centres high street then they will usually position their stores in an area where there are no other big supermarkets in the surrounding area so the local people will have to use Tesco because there is not anything else. Tesco’s “every little helps” policy means that everything the company do is for the customers, employees and communities and this makes a lot of people want to shop at Tesco’s. Tesco also other loyalty cards called “Tesco Club

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