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Thank you for taking the time to consider my application for the Principal position at Holy Spirit Catholic School. It excites me to learn about the current opening from my father and mother-in-law, Michael and Lynn Paul, who are parishioners at Holy Spirit. In visiting Holy Spirit over the last three years, the growth of the school has stunned me. The physical building was not the sole thing that impressed me, but meeting families from the school and reading the school webpage revealed a deeper beauty that the school possesses. Maintaining a strong Catholic identity while providing a rich program of formation equips students for their future academic challenges and enables the students to strive for their full potential by becoming…show more content…
In subtle ways, such as instructing students on entering the classroom, and in explicit ways, such as explaining why it is honorable to be patient and humble during class discussions, I intentionally attempt to nurture the moral formation of the students. In addition to the cultivation of virtue, promoting an academic sense of wonder is an indispensable element of authentic education. From a young age, children desire to know. This childlike sense of wonder, expressed through the child’s desire for knowledge, needs to be deliberately fostered and encouraged by the teacher. In my lessons and in my mentoring of teachers, I focus on the engagement the students in thoughtful discussion, which stimulates their active participation and intellectual inquiry. Each lesson is designed not only to convey the material that needs to be covered, but also to encourage the students to ask deeper questions about the material. Having taught English, History, Philosophy, and Theology to students ranging from sixth to twelfth grade, I have had the privilege of working with a diversity of students. Teaching such a diversity of students has improved my ability to meet the needs of each student. Throughout my time at Veritas, I have endeavored to promote the cultivation of virtue and an academic sense of wonder in all my students.

Teaching is a unique privilege that enables the teacher to assist the
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