The 19th Special Forces Group : Bg Clayton's Air Force

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BG Clayton had time to piece together a plan, it would include the 19th Special Forces Group, the 184th Infantry Regiment (Airborne), the Marines out of Camp Pendleton which he already had buy-in from General Charkin and the Air Force at Travis and March Air Force Bases. This was outside of what the Branch Commanders had already planned as a response to Texas entering the war on the side of the SSA. The plan was a major reinforcement of Fort Benning, the 184th would jump into Benning. The 19th SF would HALO onto Lawson Army Airfield and secure it allowing for the Marines to be brought in. Once the Marines had landed they would take over the security of the airfield and then move the main force to fort Benning and its surrounding area. …show more content…

They would be jumping three miles from main post in a drop zone that they seriously hoped hadn’t been used in quite a while and would be free of friend or enemy alike. Once on the ground they would try to ascertain the status of the post by moving forward slowly to main post. The aircraft was at twenty thousand feet, the light went green and the fourteen men jumped. They would drop to a thousand feet then pull their rip-cords which allowed them to get on the ground faster and to cover. Everyone exited out of the aircraft successfully, As they started down at the ground they could see much of the surrounding area, they didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. At their altimeters hit a thousand feet they deployed their parachutes and glided them down to the small opening in the forest. It had overgrown a bit which was also good news it demonstrated no one had been in the area for some time. They pulled on the risers landing standing up which wasn’t the normal practice, but everything looked clear. They hurriedly gathered their chutes and headed into the woods then buried them. The A-Team quickly took positions to secure their perimeter, they listened for anything out of the unusual, finding nothing, they moved out in single file with the General and Sergeant Major in the middle. They moved silently through the forest, stopping and taking a knee every quarter of a mile, listening and looking for anything that might signal someone was

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