The Advantages of E-Learning

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When we look at e-learning in general it does not need to be specifically for school or higher education. Many companies use this method for example for staff training. The question they are asking though is they know it is cheaper but is it more effective, in other words is it better.
I would like to start this by the recent study on the “Active learning increases student performance in science, engineering and mathematics”5 in short this study talks about the findings how lectures are just boring and ineffective and backing up their argument using statistics of students who are taught in traditional lecture classes have 1.5 times higher failure rate5 than students taught using active learning techniques. If students are engaged in the learning the effectiveness of the learning is increased. Some people argue that lecturing is outdated and inefficient for example Eric Mazur who is physicist at Harvard University has been saying this for over 20 years now6.
Some people do not like being taught in groups. Some groups of people prefer to be taught in private way. An example of this could be a teacher is doing a role play activity with students about certain topic. Naturally some students are going to have better understanding of the topic than others and do not…
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