The Alignment Of Hrm Within The Ford Motor Company

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Introduction Human resource management is best defined as the policies, practices, and systems that influence employees’ behavior, attitudes, and performance (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Wright, 2011). Organizations that can effectively and strategically align their human resource management with their business objectives are able to perform at optimal levels. Human resource professionals are tasked with developing recruitment strategies that attract and retain individuals needed by organizations to provide products and services that meet customer expectations. In this paper, the author will discuss the alignment of HRM within the Ford Motor Company. The author will propose how to ensure that the HR strategy is in alignment with the…show more content…
HR is in a key role that can influence in order to establish systems and design programs to help with the organization’s overall mission (Gast, 2013). HR job positions and responsibilities The Ford Motor Company has several positions within its HR department that is strategically aligned with its business operations. Through its clinical operations team, they are able to work with the company and employees in order to provide a comprehensive process that ensures the health and safety of each employee. In their compensation and benefit plan, the company is able to provide employee value through competitive benefit products and services. The Ford Motor Company has a HR Business Operations team that is designed to assess the needs of salaried employees while aligning those needs with business objectives. Its HR Labor Operations and Labor Affairs division is responsible for driving business results through working with local unions. The HR department is also tasked with the successful implementation of the company’s learning and development processes (, 2015). Specific positions within their Human Resource departments are as follows: Group VP, Executive Director, Director of compensation, Director of training and development, Human resource coordinator, and Human resource consultant. The Group VP of Human resources is tasked with developing key
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